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going to be hard to work out. let me close with a fascinating analogous case that arose in san francisco in 1966 when the city of san francisco said it would not fund social-service agencies, including catholic charities that did not provide health-care benefits to domestic partners. the catholic archbishop of san francisco, no liberal, he wound up succeeding rep singer for the congregation of the doctrine of the faith. but they came to a compromise designate anyone legally domiciled in the residence as a health-care co beneficiary. be that person a child, a parent, an aunt, a close friend or a gay and lesbian partner. the archbishop argued the catholic church was always in favor of increasing health-care insurance coverage and this was a way to do it, even though there would be this other factor involved. in my judgment, the second set of rules from the obama administration proposes compromise which in its own way tries to respect the freedom and rights of all parties involved. thank you. [applause] >> thank you and good evening. i'm here representing more than 120,000 women who live pa
in san francisco. paul ryan is in ohio and in michigan. vice-president biden is practicing for his debate, which is thursday night in kentucky. you can watch a number of different cameras and events surrounding the debate. you can also follow tweets that are being tweeted about the vice-presidential debate. you can see our debate preview program beginning at 7:00 p.m. the debate begins at 9:00 p.m. and then falling we will get your reaction. erick is an antioch, california. what did you think of the speech? caller: not that much. during the debate i was really impressed with the governor, but at the convention there was not one word about any of this and now he is talking like it is the biggest issue. it sounds like leading from behind, which is what he criticized before. it seems like if mitt romney twins, it sounds like we're going to funding the military- industrial complex and not much else. that is all i have to say. host: roger from virginia on democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. that is grundy, virginia. [indiscernbile] host: do you think it was a good idea to sig
of candor reveals his thoughts. remember four years ago when he was talking to people in san francisco, he said people in the midwest like to cling to their guns in their religion. this cafe deer hunter is guilty as charged and proud of it. another issue that came up -- taxes. last night, president obama made it clear he is going to raise taxes. today, vice president joe biden made it even more clear. in i what he said, he asked himself a question and he asked if he and president obama wants a trillion dollar tax hike. his response to himself was yes, we do. that is a direct quote. virginia, no, we do not mitt romney will talk about this in a minute. what we do not needs is a
the san francisco chronical. you say jim is at risk only democratic in congress to lose because of mitt romney's coat tails. guest: this is the most republican district in the country with the democrat representing it. his name and representation and job approval is rock solid. host: who is mia love? guest: fantastic candidate. small town mayor. doing a great job and we currently have a lead in this race. i .... host: i've got to cut you off because we are running out of time. 30 seconds if you could or less. guest: i agree with the caller inasmuch as there are special interests here. through the superpacks' last cycle. the tea party wave came in. it is going out. we are going to pick up a bunch of seats. guest: i think this focuses on the $800 billion stimulus that allowed a.i.g., corporate executives to get bonuses. the fact is as you look across there is a very clear idea that what we need to do is focus on small business. reduce regulation and taxation across the board. host: thank you both for being here and talking to our viewers. we appreciate it. we are all out of time and ta
. the texas 23rd race. this is a piece written in san francisco about the texas 23rd race. guest: this is an exemplary race. you have somebody who's out of line with this district -- he opposes the dream act in a district that is 60% hispanic. he has been dogged by his vote to end medicare as we know it and drive seniors' health care cost up. he's a millionaire who has voted to create new tax breaks for himself but voted against the middle class. these are the issues you see them going back and forth and it's a very clear choice for voters in this district. guest: our candidate is a true testament to the american dream. you insult him by calling him a millionaire, but he is a self- made man. it is amazing democrat only what you if you haven't had success, but once you have success, we're going to denigrate your success and bring you down. this is one of the problems with the democratic problem -- democratic party, they are always after the job creator. he's going at it to win this race because he is going against someone who wants to cut gas jobs. texas is growing fine, thank you
to run against nancy pelosi? write a bill in san francisco. [applause] he claims that i am out of touch and do not understand what it is like to be unemployed. let me tell you something, i have had to draw unemployment checks. i had an uncle that had to draw unemployment at when he got laid off from the minds. i know what it is like because i grew up working class, having to struggle where i need to get today. i was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. [applause] but mr. plummer talks about class warfare. you are right, there is class warfare, and it has been going on for 10 years. george bush cut taxes for millionaires, put us in two wars, and that is why we are in the critical deficit situation we are in today. he got a donation from goldman sachs. i did not. [applause] >> mr. plummer? >> if you look at what is happening right now, it is quite fascinating. my comments are focused on the people of southern illinois. i am more than happy to talk about me. you say i am an inherited millionaire? my grandparents were people of very simple means. i have seen my parents out there. my fa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6